Yes. The app is free to download from your favourite app store, and because we want to empower South Africans to speak out without fear, the content is free as well.

These parts of the content usually contain more technical legal aspects and is of more interest to larger organisations, specialist workers or interested individuals. We ask for registration so that we can inform these people of further updates or changes to the relevant content as it occurs – as there are numerous updates. The app and all its content remain free.

Correct. There are no fees charged for the content. Registration exists only to send updates on relevant content.

The Whistleblowing Without Fear app gives you the right information at the right time, at the touch of a button; empowering you to overcome the fear against retaliation; and do the right thing. It explains everything you need to know and it’s free to download and use.

An organisation who causes its employees to download the Whistleblowing Without Fear app, complies with its regulatory framework, at no cost. Governance protocols and legislation place duties on most organisations to create and maintain a safe space for reporting, through informing employees of their rights as whistle-blowers, and the protection they are entitled to.

Eradicating corruption is also the right thing to do. Creating a safe space for whistle-blowers to speak up, is key in the fight against corruption.

Absolutely. You are free to call any of the services listed and should you make use of their services, any fees charged will be between you and them.

The platform is quickly becoming the who’s who of the ethical world and as such, we would like to speak with you before your details get made visible. Please contact us on 083 564 4470 or to discuss.

Definitely. Please contact us on 083 564 4470 or to discuss how you can get involved.

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