You are not alone, and you are not the first. More and more people and organisations are successfully reporting wrongdoings and suspicious activity. We’ve included court cases and relevant articles on the Whistleblowing Without Fear app so you can see that whistleblowing happens at every level in our country.

The articles and court cases on the Whistleblowing Without Fear app:

  • are updated on a regular basis;
  • serve to demonstrate positive outcomes;
  • highlight the change happening in our country; and
  • illustrate the broad scope of protection under South African law.

With reference to court cases like Grieve versus Denel, Mike Tshishonga versus the Department of Justice, and Chauke versus Lee Service Centre t/a Leeson Motors, we illustrate at every level the impact of protection afforded to whistle-blowers.

These whistle-blowers were brave, they knew their rights and enforced them. In the end, each of them won their cases.

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