The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.


It’s a conversation that keeps popping up, from boardroom to braai, and at increasing frequency. Bad things only continue to happen because good people remain silent out of fear.

There can be no doubt that South Africa is in dire need of more people to speak up against wrongdoing of all kinds. As a country and its citizens, we have all had enough of idly sitting by. Something must be done, but where to start?

How do we reach individuals and organisations, and how do we empower people to speak up without fear of victimisation – helping organisations and our country to grow?

The answer lies in being informed. Knowledge is power. When you know your rights and the protection available to you, you won’t hesitate to speak up and you won’t be worried about victimisation.

It was this shared understanding – and having in common a professional working relationship with The Ethics Institute of South Africa – that Lesoba Difference, Nexus Integrity and Compliance Solutions, and Corrie Campbell Corporate Communications came together to design a solution.

The Whistleblowing Without Fear app was born, creating a platform that empowers South Africa, its organisations and its people. The app hosts practical explanations on the rights of whistle-blowers and how they are protected, who to call, what to do and when to do it; and is quickly becoming a powerful weapon against wrongdoing and abuse.  

As an integrated marketing communications agency with over 35 years' experience in the South African business landscape, we are perfectly positioned to help start the right conversation around ethical behaviour. We have originated and managed many award-winning behaviour-change programmes and have contributed to positive ROI and business growth. The Whistleblowing Without Fear app, stems from our experiences and knowledge.

"Ultimately, with everyone speaking the same ethical language, we can create a better future for companies, employees, communities, and all citizens of South Africa. We look forward to your organisation joining the conversation and enjoying the long-term value of employees actively participating in your company’s ethics journey."

Michelle Perrow | Strategic Director

The objective of NICS is to assist the public and private sector with appropriate compliance management to create and maintain an ethical culture. This includes providing support to ensure that our clients comply with legal obligations through policy and supporting integrity management systems, with the purpose of avoiding or mitigating costs and risks as a result of non-compliance.

Service offerings include fraud and corruption awareness training, due diligence, ISO 37001 implementing, Fraud Hotline Management, Know Your Counterpart (KYC) services, forensic data analysis, ethics consequence management, conflict of interest management etc.

The Whistleblowing Without Fear app is the ideal launchpad from which organisations across South Africa can better empower their employees on the topic of protection when speaking up against wrongdoing. As an Ethics Officer with The Ethics Institute and based on having extensive experience in organisational change, this app will go a long way in creating the change we need.

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